Weave Silk

Unleash your inner artist with Weave Silk, a mesmerizing digital canvas that invites you to create stunning and intricate designs. With Weave Silk, there are no limits to your imagination, and the possibilities are endless. Here's how to create and save your unique creations:

  • Drag Colors to Blend: Begin your artistic journey by selecting vibrant colors from the palette. Then, use your mouse or touchpad to drag and draw on the canvas. As you draw, the colors blend seamlessly, creating a captivating visual effect.
  • No Rotational Symmetry: Unlike traditional symmetry, Weave Silk offers a unique twist—there's no rotational symmetry. This means your creations can take on unpredictable and asymmetrical patterns, allowing for even more creative freedom.
  • Mirror Across Center: As you draw, the canvas automatically mirrors your strokes across the center, adding complexity and beauty to your designs. This mirroring effect creates mesmerizing and harmonious compositions.
  • Saving Your Masterpiece: Once you've crafted a design you're proud of, it's time to save it. Simply right-click on the thumbnail of your creation and choose "Save Image As..." to store your artwork on your device. This way, you can revisit your creations or share them with others.

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