High Score Day

Video Game Enthusiasts' Delight

High Score Day is the thrilling spinoff of the beloved Wordle game, tailored for video game enthusiasts. Dive into the world of pixels and polygons as you test your gaming knowledge and observation skills in this daily challenge.

In High Score Day, your mission is to identify five different video game screenshots that span various titles from gaming history. Can you correctly match each image to its respective game? It's a challenge that puts your gaming expertise to the test.

The Quest for Extra Lives

Accuracy is your ally in High Score Day. Every correct video game guess earns you an extra life, a precious commodity as you journey through the challenge. But beware, for each incorrect guess costs you one of these lives. The more games you identify accurately, the longer you can chase high scores.

Daily Gaming Adventures

High Score Day keeps the excitement alive with daily challenges. Each day brings a fresh set of video game screenshots, ensuring that players never tire of the game. Immerse yourself in the world of gaming nostalgia and competition, and prove that you're the ultimate gaming aficionado!


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