Introducing Flickle 

Flickle invites you to embark on a cinematic adventure like no other. Your mission? Watch the clip and decipher the movie of the day. Begin typing to receive helpful suggestions.

If uncertainty lingers, fear not. Flickle offers a lifeline. Unlock up to 5 additional clips, even after making incorrect guesses. To claim victory, simply enter the movie title. Can't quite place it? Flickle grants extra seconds, revealing more scenes to unravel the mystery.

A Kin to Heardle, but for Film Buffs

Much like the music-guessing sensation Heardle, Flickle challenges you with one-second snippets. With each guess, you edge closer to cinematic triumph. While resembling Framed, another film guessing game, Flickle sets itself apart by showcasing dynamic movie clips rather than stills. Prepare for an exciting journey through the world of cinema with Flickle, where obscurity fades as your cinematic expertise shines.


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