Welcome to Countryle, the ultimate daily challenge wordle game that will put your geography knowledge to the test! Step into the world of Countryle, where every day presents a new opportunity to uncover a hidden country. This game is designed for geography enthusiasts and adventurers who want to explore the diverse nations of the world.

How to Play Countryle

Start Typing Your Guess: Begin by typing the name of any country into the field located below the map. As you type, a pop-up list of countries will appear. Select your choice from the list and press Enter to submit your answer.

Reveal Clues: After submitting your guess, Countryle will provide you with valuable information about the hidden country. You'll receive details about the hemisphere, continent, average temperature, population, and coordinates of your selected country in comparison to the mysterious one.

Color-Coded Feedback: The game uses a color-coded system to guide you. Red indicates that the data doesn't match the hidden country. Yellow means you're on the right track, but something is different. An arrow will indicate the direction to adjust your answer. Green means that you've hit the mark, and your selected country is similar in this aspect to the mysterious one.

Your Challenge: Your goal is to play Countryle and guess the mysterious country in as few attempts as possible. Use the clues wisely, make educated guesses, and explore the globe one country at a time.


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