Wordle NYT

The Wordle game offers players six chances to identify a five-letter word (yellow if the letter is correct but in the wrong place and green if the letter is in the right place).
There are four playable game modes in the board game version: quick, timed, team and classic.

The "Wordle Host" will give a word, and participants will compete against one another to guess the letters in the word. Unless the correct word is guessed after six tries, each round, in which participants switch roles as the host, is ended. The host marks the proper letters with the colored tiles by placing them over the letters. The amount of time players have to make their predictions is limited in the timed and fast variants.

After six trials with a total of five letters, guess Wordle. In the event that a letter occurs in the word to be predicted but is in the wrong place, it may become yellow. Additionally, if the letters are gray, it implies that the previous guesses were incorrect, and they shouldn't be utilized in the subsequent word.

The color of the crosswords gradually changes each time you guess to show how close you are to finding the right response. Alternately, you might just roll the dice and hope to correctly predict the word of the day after two, three, or even one rolls.

How to play Wordle?

You will get 1 new keyword every 24h

You have a maximum of 6 attempts in total

Green - The letter appears in the exact position of the keyword

Gray - The letter does not appear in the keyword

Yellow - The letter appears in the keyword but in the wrong place

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